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Jan 26, 2016

No difference.


In a reactive circuit which consists of Resistance, Inductance and Capacitance there is net lead or lag between the applied voltage of frequency #omega# and the total current flowing in the circuit.

If one recalls the common mnemonic CIVIL,
one can remember that
In a capacitor (C) the current (I) leads voltage (V), voltage (V) leads current (I) in an inductor (L)

[Source: wikipedia]

As given in the diagram, if #theta# is the angle between the Real and Apparent powers, then

#P=S. cos theta#
For the same angle #theta# and same Real Power either in the Lagging Power factor or in the Leading power factor case, Apparent power is same. As such neither is better than the other.

In either case power factor is attempted to be made as near to 1 as possible. In inductive circuits capacitors are added wheres in capacitive circuits inductors are added to improve power factor.