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Jun 10, 2015

The solution contains 0.0007 moles of sodium hydroxide.


Molarity is defined as moles of solute, in your case sodium hydroxide, divided by liters of solution. So, to get the number of moles of solute, all you have to do is multiply the volume by the molarity.

Do not forget that the volume must be expressed in liters!

#C = n/V => n = C * V#

#n_(NaOH) = 0.1"mol"/cancel("L") * 7 * 10^(-3)cancel("L") = "0.0007 moles"# #NaOH#

If you want, you can express this values in milimoles

#0.0007cancel("moles") * "1000 mmoles"/(1cancel("mole")) = "0.7 mmoles"#