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Oct 12, 2015

#beta#-decay is a process whereby a proton in an atom changes into a neutron (or vice-versa). An electron or a positron, called a beta particle, is ejected from the atom in the process.


The question seems to be a little confused about the scientific terminology. The Greek character Beta (#beta#) is used in other branches of science. But it each case it means very different things.

The study of the motions of satellites around the earth uses the term #beta#-angle to describe the angle between a planet's orbital plane and the plane of the orbit of some satellite or moon.

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics uses the term Beta Plane to describe an approximation made for the coriolis effect.

This are all very different fields of study. But since they all use the same Greek letter to describe an important process or quantity, it's not surprising that a student would get confused. To learn more about Beta Decay, take a look at this video: