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Jul 6, 2015

Depending on the context of the question, the problem is likely to be asking about the initial velocity of a projectile.


Consider a question like the following:
A particle projected from the ground travels a maximum height of 20m. It's horizontal range from the projecting point is 60m.
Find the projectile velocity and the projectile angle of the particle.
(Question from blogspot.)

Knowing that the path of a projectile is a parabola described only by its initial launch velocity, launch angle, and the force of gravity, it is easy enough to write an equation to describe the speed and direction at any time. One might have thought it interesting to know the initial velocity, the velocity at the top of the path, or the velocity at the end.

The term "projectile velocity" is a little vague here. It is also odd to ask for both a velocity and an angle. Velocity is a vector; velocity has both a speed and a direction.

Judging from the information given in the question, the author most likely wants you to find the initial speed and the launch angle of the projectile. The term "projectile velocity" is poorly chosen and the question should be rewritten to be more precise.