How do you convert #"4.5 gal"# to #"L"#? How about to #"mL"# ?

1 Answer
Jul 7, 2015

You need to use two simple conversion factors for this one.


In order to go from gallons to liters you need to use a conversion factor. More precisely, you need to use the fact that 1 gallon is the equivalent of 3.78541178 L.

This means that 4.5 gallons will be equal to

#4.5cancel("gallons") * "3.78541178 L"/(1cancel("gallon")) = color(green)("17 L")#

The answer is rounded to two sig figs, the number of sig figs you have for 4.5 gallons.

To go from liters to mililiters, use the fact that 1 liter contains 1000 mililiters.

#17cancel("L") * "1000 mL"/(1cancel("L")) = color(green)("17,000 mL")#