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Jun 4, 2016

There is no such thing called the "AC Charge". What we have is AC voltage which is generated by an AC generator which drives an AC current.

And yes, AC current from generators are often supplied to step up transformers to step up the AC voltage for easy transmission without a lot of power loss. At suitable places, the voltage is stepped down using a step down transformer to be supplied for domestic use.


The power loss due to Joule's effect is given as #H = I^2Rt# where #I# is the electric current.

Since during a step up process, the voltage is stepped up, and since power is constant, from the relation #P = VI# we imply that the current goes down. This minimizes heat loss due to Joule's heating during power transmission since the power loss is proportional to the square of #I#.

And before domestic use, the voltage is stepped down using the step down transformer.