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Oct 11, 2015

The idea of the Big Bang comes from the logic which explains why all the astrophysical objects show evidence of moving away from each other.


But it is entirely possible that other explanations may prove to be more accurate or refined. However, at this time, it is just not yet the case.

Oct 11, 2015

The big bang theory is just one theory. There is also the string theory and theories regarding parallel universes exponentially due to decisions and events. As a physicist you don't have to believe in that theory. I don't support any theories due to the lack of support. There are quintillions of stars and masses in the universe. The funny thing is that the word universe gets bigger every second the universe is not expanding physically but it is from our view. Ever thing about the speed of light. Take c and multiply it by the time in seconds since the universe started and you get the radius of an observable sphere. Everything in that ever expanding sphere is what is theoretically possible to observe. There is until proven otherwise an infinite universe.