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Oct 15, 2015

yes they do.


Major components of ECM secreted by chondrocytes include Type-2 Collagen and Aggrecan.


Chondrocytes also play a role in endochondral ossification (a form of bone remodeling) during initial bone development in the fetus, as well as in healing of fractures. In this process, cartilage is formed first and later mineralized to form bone.

First, mesenchymal stem cells differentiate into chondrocytes and proliferate extensively. At this stage they secrete Collagen-II and Aggrecan (components of cartilage). Next, they stop dividing and become larger (hypertrophic) and produce Collagen-X which helps in mineralization/calcification, as well as VEGF, which aids in blood vessel formation. After this they die by apoptosis, and osteoblasts take over to synthesize mineralized bone.