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Nov 21, 2015

There would be no secrets and and misunderstanding, but we certainly would need to adapt.


That is certainly an amazing question, I have been wondering something similar for years, with a different question.

Since I have started to live abroad and lost direct and diary contact with my family and countrymen, I needed to learn how to speak in order languages, e.g. English. After a while, you lose that feeling of my language and start to adopt your host language as yours.

After a while, I have concluded that we have no language, each of one has its own language, that is why it is so hard to learn and keep a good language skills. Maybe you do not make mistakes, but people that do not go to school or remain in an environment of writings, e.g. Facebook, they have problem to write or even speak. It is independent of the language.

For instance, after year without speaking and writing on my mother tongue, I had problems to come back later. I could go on, but here is not the place.

Another point is philosophical. Our head is the only place where someone can have peace and secrets, some people say what they think, others do not, in this case we lose this difference, scientists would no longer exist; and crime. Silence would be an illusion. There is a book called the Magic telescope, in which something similar happens, and the main character goes nut.