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Nov 11, 2015

Actively dividing cells must undergo through a series of steps known as the cell cycle. There are 5 phases in cell cycle.


  1. The cycle begins when newly made cells grow, duplicate
    organelles, and prepare everything needed to replicate DNA. This is called the G1 phase. It's the first gap between the birth of the new cell and DNA replication.

  2. S phase , or synthesis phase is the next step. Here, the DNA is duplicated. Once, the replication is complete, the cell enters another gap stage, called the G2 phase.

  3. G2 phase. where cell growth and the duplication of organelles continue.

  4. The cell go through a series of events— called M phase (for mitosis)—that result in the separation of the doubled paired chromosomes, and the starting formation of the two daughter cells.

Cytokines is actually the last stage. This stage gives it the formation of the two daughter cells.

And then everything repeats.