Which is more environmentally friendly: LCDs or plasma tvs?

1 Answer
Oct 4, 2017

Follow explanation. LCDs are better.


It seems that LCD TV’s are environmentally friendly if you want good quality and low energy consumption.

Plasma: This particular TV display is probably the worst eco-friendly option to choose. While the picture is sharp and clear, “producing that perfect image requires a high resolution, and the higher the resolution, the more bandwidth—the rate at which data is transferred—the set needs,” according to GetDirectTV. Also, with any television, size matters. The bigger the set, the more energy and light it will take to illuminate the screen.

LCD: These sets seem to be somewhere in between Plasma and LED choices. While the technology of an LCD TV uses about a third of the energy consumption than Plasma, they still don’t quite beat the innovative technology of an LED TV.

One of the best tips for choosing a more environmentally-friendly television is to look at the Energy-Star rating that can be found on each TV display. And of course, as stated earlier, size does matter! Regardless of what kind of television you choose, the size will make the biggest impact. Remember, the bigger the size, the more energy consumption it requires. Not to say you have to sacrifice size or quality, but the amount of energy consumption is something to keep in mind.

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