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Sep 23, 2016

Solutions are not mixtures. But solutions are similar to mixtures, both can be any combination of physical states. . Also both solutions and mixtures are variable in composition.


In solutions there are intermolecular bonds between the molecules of the solute and solvent which causes the solute to dissolve. In mixtures there are no intermolecular bonds between the parts of the mixture which leaves the "solute" suspended not dissolved.

In a liquid solution a light beam will pass through it without being dispersed In a liquid mixture the light beam will be dispersed by the particles that are suspended in the mixture.

Solutions and Mixtures are similar in that the composition or concentration of both can be varied as desired.

Solutions and Mixtures are similar in the that the physical states of the solution and mixtures can have different compositions.
The most common is a liquid solute combination. However it is possible to have a liquid/ liquid: liquid/gas, solid/ solid, solid/ gas and a gas/ gas

For example the earth's atmosphere is a mixture of gases, a milk is a mixture of different liquids, ( water and fat) While wine is a solution of water and alcohol.