How do you go from millimols to grams if the molar mass is #"0.34 g/mol"#?

1 Answer
Feb 17, 2016

If you can go forwards and you truly understand how to do it, you can go backwards.

Here is how I would do it forwards:

#"Mass in" cancel"milli" cancel"mol" xx "g"/cancel"mol" xx "1"/("1000" cancel"milli") = "Mass in g"#

Can you reverse these steps and do it backwards? Make sure your units cancel.

If you had done this correctly, I have never heard of anything with a molar mass of #"0.34 g/mol"#, and to do this, you will need to use a molar mass to convert from #"mol"# to #"g"#.

Do you see that you would get this?

#"Mass in" cancel"g" xx "mol"/cancel"g" xx "1000 milli"/("1") = "Mass in millimol"#