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Jun 5, 2016

Apparently not! Einstein introduced special and general relativity. However, that did point out some limitations in the applicability of Newton's laws but, it ain't the same as disproving it.


Special relativity uses a set of transformation relations between two inertial coordinate systems. Now, if the velocity of the systems (frames of reference) and that bodies under consideration are much lesser than the speed of light, the transformation relations reduce into the familiar Galilean transformations which we learn in Newtonian physics.

Einstein's theory to a large extent found out the limitations of applicability of Newton's laws including the second law.

For example, Newton's laws can't readily be applied to systems moving with the speed comparable to the speed of light while the same laws are of exceptional utility studying dynamics of particles with speeds a lot less than that.

Rather making a blanket statement whether Newton's laws are right or wrong, we realize that they succeed in certain areas and are of limited applicability in other areas.