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Mar 14, 2016


Today no one knows how and from where space, time, and matter arose initially.


I would like to say that law of conservation of energy states that:

"Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but it can be transferred from one form to another".

  1. If there was nothing to start with, who laid down laws of the nature?
  2. From where the universe know 'how to proceed'?
  3. Why did universe proceed in a manner and under what laws/framework to make this place to be hospitable to us.

Scientists have been and continue to grapple with theses questions.

On one hand our Quantum theory predicts behaviour of sub-atomic particles accurately in sub-atomic (tiny) realm. And on the other Eisenstein's General theory of relativity predicts successfully the matter-gravity interaction in our large scale 'world'. It theorizes about the space time continuum.

However none of these is able to say anything about the 'initial' conditions.

As we understand these theories are nothing but mathematical models to explain the laws of this world as we visualize it to be. Initially we started with three dimensional space and time to be a separate entity. Einstein added time to make it four a dimensional world, the space-time continuum.
Are we living in a space-time-energy or space-time-energy-'?' continuum?
And who set the initial conditions for it- God only knows.

You have all the right to disagree.