How can I teach myself mathematics?

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May 21, 2016

A few thoughts...


Disclaimer: I am not employed as a teacher, so I am not aware of things like current syllabuses, etcetera.

I am a mathematician, employed as a computer programmer.

As a mathematician, I find a lot of interesting and fun areas of mathematics. I would say that it gets to be more fun the further you go.

What is your purpose in teaching yourself mathematics?

  • I want to study it at a higher level.
  • I find it interesting as a subject, but I don't know how to find the next steps.
  • I think I need to know some math to do well in life.
  • I need a math qualification to do something I want to do.

Whatever the reason, having at least occasional access to a tutor would almost certainly be helpful. Left on your own, you might end up "in a rut" in your studies, or find it hard to motivate yourself.

Next to bear in mind is that as you study math at higher levels, it tends to specialize. So it may be helpful to have a higher level view of which direction you want to take.

  • Do you want to know calculus so you can understand physics better.
  • Do you want to know statistics so you can become an Actuary?
  • Do you want a well rounded understanding so you can become a teacher?

If there are particular things you need to know about, so that you can pass exams, it would probably be helpful to find out recommended books. It should be possible to find out which books are recommended for particular syllabuses.

Do you have friends of the same age, with whom you could form a math club? You could then share resources, help one another and find fun things to share to encourage one another. There might also be an element of competition. Whether that is good or bad I'll leave for you to decide.

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