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Apr 7, 2016

There is tradition to transform an improper fraction into a mixed form.
#28/5=5 3/5#
But it's not compulsory. It all depends on the problem at hand.


Sometimes, it's more convenient to transform mixed fraction into improper form to perform intermediate calculations and then back to mixed fraction:
#(5 3/5) * (2 2/3) = 28/5 * 8/3 = (28*8)/(5*3)=224/15=14 14/15#

It's not compulsory to convert a fraction into decimal format, but sometimes is desirable (not always possible to do it exactly, some approximation might be used):

What is usually done and encouraged is reducing the fraction into smallest numbers in denominator and numerator possible:
This latter transformation is practically always performed, so you can consider it compulsory.