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Apr 24, 2016

I don't think it can.


Since this is combustion, there must also by oxygen present which will contribute to the mass of the reactants.

However, if you consider the simplest organic compound, methane, combusting:

The Relative Formula masses are:
#(16) "methane"+(2times32) "oxygen"to 44 (CO_2)+(2times18)water#

The increase in mass of products (80) to reactant (excluding oxygen) is a factor of 5.

The question requires a substance that gives this ratio to be
#(3+1.5)/(7.5times 10^-3)=600#
i.e. an increase in mass of a factor of 600.

This is not possible. If you consider the oxidation of individual atoms:
#4H + O_2 to 2H_2O#, the ratio by mass of water products to hydrogen reactants is 9.
For #C+O_2"toCO_2#, the ratio by mass of #CO_2# products to carbon reactants is 3.7.

Hence we cannot get to a ratio of 600.