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May 2, 2016

Let us apply the mass percentage expression.


For any aqueous (or any other type) solution, we shall define the mass percentage (or weight/weight concentration, w/w %) as follows:

#"mass %" = {"grams of solute"}/{"grams of solution"} cdot 100#

where we assume that the whole solution weight (or mass) is water (solute disappears into solvent).

According to the statement, we want to know the mass of solution, and we know the mass of solute (50 g) and the mass percentage (25 %). So:

#25 = {50 " g"}/{"grams of solution"} cdot 100 rightarrow#
#rightarrow "grams of solution" = {50 " g"}/{25} cdot 100 = 200 " g"#

As we have assumed that all the solution mass corresponds to water, we need #color(blue) {200 "g of water"}#.