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Mar 28, 2017

32 gallons from the 1st brand. 48 gallons from the 2nd brand will do it.


If you will have a unit (volume) of final product, you can write down the equation as:

(Note that x is the 1st brand's contribution (volome) and (1-x) is 2nd brand's contribution)

#0.2*x + 0.95*(1-x) = 0.65*1#


#x=0.40 gal#
#1-x = 0.60 gal#

If you want to have 80 gallons (total final product), you are going to multiply 80 by these numbers. Therefore,

You need to take 32 gallons from Brand 1 and you need to take 48 gallons from Brand 2. Total volume of final product will be 80 gallons and its antifreeze content will be 65%.