What is the balanced equation that represents the combustion of glycerol by potassium permanganate?

1 Answer
Oct 26, 2016

#14KMnO_4(s) + 4C_3H_5(OH)_3(l) rarr 5CO_2(g) + 7K_2CO_3(s) + 7Mn_2O_3(s)+16H_2O(l)#


This is stoichiometrically balanced, as indeed it must be if it reflects chemical reality. The oxidation products are carbon dioxide, and potassium carbonate; the reduction products are a #Mn(III)# oxide. It is a spectacular reaction to do, but do it safely! I have seen a few fires when the reaction does not immediately commence, and the reaction mixture is placed into a waste container, where of course it does commence.