Can a story be made using only or almost only conversation?

1 Answer

Absolutely yes.


One idea below:

I was awoken to the sound of giggles. "Dad!", my twin girls exclaimed, "you are supposed to be asleep!"

"Oh, well then!", replied I, and hastily swept them under the covers with me and began to pretend snore loudly. "Daddy!" was the chorus from my 10-year olds, "We made you a treasure map for Father's Day! You are supposed to wake up and follow it!"

"Ah, well then, I'd best get up!". And with that, I hopped up out of bed, or at least managed something that was hop-like. "Ok, let's see this map of yours. Looks like there are some X's and numbers next to them and, oh yes, I see, you've drawn an outline of the house. Looks like the first X is in the kitchen."

And so the three of us, two with far more energy than the third, made our way to the kitchen where there was a pot of coffee already brewed, a breakfast laid out, and the paper on the table next to my favourite chair. "Wow! This is amazing! Thank you!"

"When you're finished, we'll wash up and you can move on to the next X. Ok?"

"More than Ok."