Can someone please explain what direct proportion means and give real-life examples?

1 Answer
Nov 8, 2017

An increase in one quantity causes a proportional increase in another quantity.


In a direct variation, there is a comparison between two quantities and an increase in one causes a proportional increase in the other.

This concept occurs in every part of our daily lives.

More people will eat more food.

Buying more packets will cost more money.

More petrol in a tank means you can drive a longer distance,

More people working together can do more work.

A bigger roast of meat will take a longer time to cook.

A person with a big stride will cover more distance with the same number of paces.

A heavier parcel will cost more money to send by post.

More people to be transported will require more buses.

Baking more cakes requires more ingredients.

and so on.....

In each case there is a constant ratio between the two quantities.
(double one, double the other)