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Jul 17, 2016

Not really. A black hole just exerts gravity, and at a distance its gravity is just the same as anything else with the same mass.


So let's imagine the Sun were to somehow turn into a black hole with the same mass. Things would get very cold and dark on Earth, but nothing would happen with gravity -- Earth would just keep orbiting. Turning the Sun's mass into a black hole would give it no additional "suction" power.

Likewise, scientists sometimes consider the possibility of creating black holes in the lab with powerful accelerators, such as the Large Hadron Collider. But such black holes would not pull their machines (or the scientists themselves!) in like vacuum cleaners. If they are formed at all they would weigh only a tiny fraction of a gram; we would never see them at all by their gravity. Scientists actually expect such black holes to decay and would look for the appropriate decay signatures (