What does derivated mean?

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Jan 17, 2017


In the context of calculus, I think it means differentiated...


Given a function #f(x)#, if it is smooth enough we can derive another function #f'(x)# by the process called differentiation.

#f'(x) = lim_(h->0)(f(x+h)-f(x))/h#

The resulting function #f'(x)# is usually called the derivative of #f(x)#.

In other fields (e.g. chemistry) one product that has been derived from another may be called a derivate. By a common (American?) practice, nouns often turn into verbs, so instead of derive, you might say derivate, meaning to make something into a derivate.

If so, then derivated is the past participle of to derivate, i.e. it means derived.

So in the context of calculus derivated probably means the same as differentiated. That is: derived by a process of differentiation.

Personally I prefer differentiated, but perhaps the apparently synthetic word derivated may be helpful in order to distinguish it from other uses of differentiated or of derived.