What signals, and in what ratio, will be observed in the #""^1H# #"NMR spectrum of methylcyclohexane"#?

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Jul 24, 2016

The area under the curve sums to #14H#. They will be difficult to assign.


Methyl cyclohexane should display 5 sets of protons. The ratio of the integrals should be #3:1:4:4:2#. Of course you are not going to see 5 discrete signals; the ring protons move from equatorial to axial, and these methylene protons will be broad and may overlap. Integration of the signals should give you an idea. The methyl protons will be distinct, and should allow the integrals to be normalized.

Now I presume you are a 2nd/3rd year university student, and for NMR you must assess the symmetry of the molecule, and the number of discrete, non-interchangeable protons. Look at a diagram of the molecule, and look at the groups that are unique. In principle, there should be 5 sets of protons, as I have argued. If you have a query voice it, and someone will help you.

@Ernest, thx for the heads up...