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Jul 27, 2016

"In the view of ..." is correct.


It's a higher-register way of saying "in his/her opinion".

For example: "In the view of Mr. Smith, it is not a good idea."
You could also say, "In Mr. Smith's opinion, it is not a good idea."

If this is not the idea you wanted to express, perhaps you could elaborate.

I'm not aware of any way to use "at the view of" that is correct in English.

One could say, "Upon seeing how the dress looked on her, she decided not to buy it."

The verb "to view" is also at a higher register of English than "to look" or "to see".

For example, one "views a body" at a funeral service - they file by and "look" at it.

When speaking to someone, I doubt you would say, "In my view, we should . . . ". You would most likely say, "I think we should do . . . ".

I hope I've answered your question.