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Jan 5, 2017

EMU: Electromagnetic Unit
ESU: Electrostatic Unit - statcoulomb (statC)


1 statC =dyn1/2 cm= cm3/2 g1/2 s−1.
It can be converted using
1 newton = 105 dyne
1 cm= 10^(-2)m

The SI system of units uses the coulomb (C) instead. The conversion between C and statC is different in different contexts. The most common contexts are:

For [electric charge](

    1 C ↔ 2997924580 statC ≈ 3.00×109 statC
    ⇒ 1 statC ↔ ~3.33564×10−10 C.

For electric flux (ΦD):

    1 C ↔ 4π×2997924580 statC ≈3.77×1010 statC
    ⇒ 1 statC ↔ ~2.65×10−11 C.

The ESU and EMU subsystems of CGS are connected by a fundamental relationship. Therefore, the ratio of the corresponding "primary" electrical and magnetic units (e.g. current, charge, voltage, etc. – quantities proportional to those that enter directly into Coulomb's law or Ampère's force law) is equal either to #c^−1# or c.