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The phtosynthesis starts from the sun rising.


  1. Photosynthesis is a light deepndent reaction. It starts in lignt, but continues in dark condition. Generally, the physiologists divide the whole process of photosynthesis into light reaction and dark reaction. Actually, dark reaction is misnomer one.
  2. Light reaction has two main events, photolysis of water and photophosorylation. One strong reducing agent NADPH along energy rich with ATP is also formed. All these help the next light independent dark reaction. Oxygen is formed as byproduct of light reaction.
  3. The dark or light independet process contihues even absence of light. The cyclic form of next event of lignt independent process is called the Cylvin cycle after the name its discovere. Thank You.
Nov 9, 2016

In the morning


It is because the plant needs light for photosynthesizing. If you want to make it photosynthesize at night, you need some light, for example, light bulbs. That is how they do it in greenhouses as they plant their crops to make it grow faster.