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Dec 24, 2016

It is probably 5........


The ball will be under the influence of gravity, hence it will be accelerating (or decelerating) throughout the flight. Hence its position, velocity and speed will be constantly changing (1 -3 true). The ball will move up, then down, so 4 is true.

Statement 5 is a "depends". If you ignore air resistance, then the acceleration will be due to gravity which is constant at 9.81 m/s/s (over the distance concerned). Hence 5 would be false.

However, if air resistance was considered, then the force on the ball would vary with its speed (air resistance increases as speed increases), and using Newton's 2nd law (#F=ma#) then the acceleration would also vary during the flight.

My guess is the answer is 5, but you can caveat the answer and impress your teacher (or tell them off for not making this clear in the question!)