What kind of energy is used to support life on earth?

1 Answer


Most of the energy needed to support life on earth comes from solar radiation, some forms of life get their energy from chemicals emitted by undersea volcanoes.


The question of how life came to be on earth is another question.
Energy alone is not at all sufficient to bring life to earth. Information is critical to life. Random energy tends to increase entropy not information.

Specialized cells and complex tissues are used to trap the solar energy allowing it to be used to produce ATP an energy rich molecule. ATP is then used to synthesis Carbohydrates such as glucose #C_6H_12O_6# using water, carbon dioxide and ATP.

Most of the life on earth is dependent on the trapping of solar energy ( photosynthesis). Where the information came from to design and build the structures necessary to trap that energy is an unanswered question.