What would occur if diamond were vaporized?

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Dec 11, 2016

Well, were diamond turned into a gas, the three-dimensional structure would dissipate.........


Under extreme conditions of heat, diamond could be vaporized. Because diamond is a non-molecular material that is held together by strong #C-C# bonds, conditions would have to be exceptionally fierce.

Given that #C(g)# would be much less dense than #C(s)#, we could not accurately depict diamond atoms, carbon atoms, on the same scale.

A simple molecular substance is simply a discrete molecule, i.e. #O_2#, #CO_2#, #N_2#, a material with definite molecularity, i.e. boundaries. Of course, you could choose many others. A giant covalent substance is a non-molecular species, whose particles are individually linked by strong covalent bonds in an extended lattice with no molecular boundaries. Quartz, diamond, graphite, are examples.

As for question 4(b), this is a rather nasty one. MY own feeling is that #C_60# is a molecular species, because it contains discrete molecules with definite size and structure. Certainly, an organic chemist can make bigger molecules than this.