What occurs when fruit is dehydrated? #"A. The mass of the fruit sugars are increased."# #"B. The mass of the fruit sugars are decreased."# #"C. The mass of the fruit is decreased after the water is evaporated."# #"D. None of the above."#

1 Answer
Jan 5, 2017

#"Option C."#


Clearly, #"C"# is the only viable option. Mass LOSS occurs when something is dehydrated. Why? Because the water is evaporated. You can clearly see this when you reconstitute dried fruit by soaking sultanas/raisins or dried apricots/apples in water.

Dehydration preserves a glut of fruit, which is all too liable to occur after a harvest. Of course you can make wine out of the grapes (and the fruit too!) as well.

See here.