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Jun 8, 2017

There is a procedure to summarise a large text into several sentences. The first step is to read the entire text.


A good summary of a large text will give the reader the benefit of covering the key points of the information presented by the large text in a volume-reduced document.

Having read the entire text, the next step is to immediately write down in point form all of the items or incidents in the text that attracted your attention. They can be written in any order for now. This will be your outline.

Then using this list find each of your points in the large text, and write down additional information in your own words that is related to each point. Number each of the points so you can sort out their order in the text. This will be your initial draft.

Arrange your summary events to match that of the large text, and cut and paste them together in order. Then read your entire text, correct mistakes and ensure it is cohesive, and that it has no repetition. This will be your final draft.

It may be necessary to break up your information into more than one paragraph, so watch your structure here. This will be your completed work.

Read your summary one more time to check, and then it is ready to publish.