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Aug 12, 2017

see below


Verbs are words that describe the action of something. They have different tenses, like past tense, present tense, present continuous tense and the other one is past participle.

If we look at the word "give"
Present tense: give
Present continuous tense: giving
Past tense: gave
Past participle: given

Another example with the word "look"
Present tense: look
Present continuous tense: looking
Past tense: looked
Past participle: looked

with the word "see"
Present tense: see
Present continuous tense: seeing
Past tense: saw
past participle: seen

Using these three examples we may able to find the verbs from this passage.

"When I (looked) into the mirror, I (saw) that they (were) not fine. Now they (stuck) out from my head like two satellite dishes, and I (was) ( receiving ) more (signals) than ever".
All the words that are in bold and bracket are verbs.

"Was" or "were" are not exactly verbs, but they are helping verbs.