How do scientists investigate scientific problems? How can their approach be used in everyday life?

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Aug 2, 2017

Well, they use the scientific method........


And a brief description is given here.

Why do we follow it? Because it prevents you from thinking things what ain't so. And how can use it in your everyday life? Well, have you ever lost your house-keys or your car-keys? So the scientific problem is defined.....#"where are my f......g keys?"# Are they on my person? If the answer is no, then when was the last time I used my keys? This morning, last night? What did I do, and where did I go after this morning or last night. Are they by the bedside? Does my wife have them? So the answers to these questions can falsify the hypothesis.

And of course while no-one can have a perfect memory, each time you ask these questions, and potentially falsify them, i.e. eliminate them as possibilities, you are narrowing down the true location of the keys. Good luck.