What occurs in a saturated solution, when the solvent evaporates? Does it remain saturated?

2 Answers
Jan 1, 2018

My word....


You specify a #"saturated solution"#, the which BY DEFINITION contains an amount of solute equal to that amount that would be in equilibrium with undissolved solute...here for definitions and examples.

Now we would reasonably expect that some (or all) of the water would evaporate...and if the solution maintains saturation we would reasonably expect that some of the solute would crystallize from solution.

Note that the solution would remain saturated, however, the dissolved mass would decrease as the solute crystallized out.

Jan 1, 2018

I believe you're referring to the solution's evaporation. Water can't "dissolve" if it is the solvent, like you've stated here.

The solute dissolved in the solution wouldn't significantly change, although some would probably evaporate with the water molecules. However, unless you're doing very precise work, you really need not worry about this, for now.

And like anor stated, the mass dissolved in the remaining solution would decrease due to the crystallization of the solute as the solution evaporates.