How do human activities harm the environment?

1 Answer
Feb 15, 2018



Perhaps combustion of fossil fuels is the most damaging forming carbon dioxide and sulfuric dioxide, which form acid rain.

Carbon dioxide is also a greenhouse gas linked to global warming.

Car engines are very hot and so nitrogen combines with oxygen to form oxides of nitrogen, which also contribute to acid rain and help form photochemical smogs.

CFCs destroyed ozone, which protects from harmful uv radiation.

Fossil fuels can also release particulates into the air, which cause global dimming, which reduces the amount of sunlight reaching Earth.

Industrial processes can release heavy metals in soil and watercourses.

The creation of plastics can lead to large and small fragments 8n the environment.

Acid rain can acidify oceans and destroy coral.

Transportation of crude oil for chemical processing can leak and enter the sea and damage marine life and birds.