How do you solve the following?

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Feb 15, 2018

Here's how...


The strings in column II are formed by a fixed alphabetic substitution followed by a permutation.

Without bothering to work out the permutation rule (assuming there is one), you can work out the alphabetic substitution by correlating occurrences of letters in column I with occurrences of letters in column II.

For example, the word "HERO" contains the letter 'H' which only occurs in column I in "HERO", and three other letters which occur in other words in column I.

In column II the string "tbfw" contains the letter 'f', which does not occur elsewhere while the letters 't', 'b' and 'w' do occur elsewhere.

Therefore 'H' maps to 'f'.

Looking at where the other letters in "HERO" occur and the corresponding occurences of 't', 'b' and 'w', we find that 'E' maps to 't', 'O' maps to 'b' and 'R' to 'w'.

Keep reasoning in a similar way to find all of the mappings you can. Then you should be able to find which multiple choice answers are possible.