How do humans impact the water cycle?

1 Answer
Jul 18, 2017

Major human processes effect the Water Cycle.


Nasa's Explanation!

With a need for water for industrial uses, for our bodies, and for other uses, we effect the water cycle majorly. This can all start with how how we get the water. Since we do not have as much runoff as, let's say ten years ago, there is a major difference in the sea level of certain areas on Earth!

Water is needed to balance out sea levels and such, if we don't have the necessary materials (water in this case), to satisfy this, it throws the cycle out of proportion.

However, now let's talk about industrial impacts. The release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere causes the Earth to heat up slowly but surely... This in turn is the cause of the arctic glaciers to melt. However, as well as this, it effects our weather. Warmer temperatures can cause more humidity, which can cause serious thunderstorms/hurricanes, lightning strikes, tornadoes, floods, mudslides, and etc.

What also must be remembered is that everything is connected to the Water Cycle somehow in some way. I tend to think about a wooden bench. How did that wood come to be? It had to grow from a tree with a steady flow of water coming to it. Then it had to be cut down and treated!