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The bonding in Magnesium Oxide is ionic bonding. Magnesium is a metal where as oxygen is a non-metal. There is transfer of electrons from Magnesium to Oxygen.

Magnesium has 2 electrons in its outermost shell whereas Oxygen has 6. It is easier for Magnesium to lose 2 electrons than to gain 6 more to reach the octet state and similarly, it is easier for oxygen to gain 2 electrons instead of giving out 6. SO, the 2 electrons of Magnesium are transferred to the Oxygen due to which #Mg^(2+) #and #O^(2-)# are formed and this causes the two oppositely charged ions to combine forming ionic bonding.

The reaction between magnesium and oxygen is a pretty impressive one. A great deal of energy is given off in this combustion reaction.