With respect to the Periodic Table, how do ionization energies differ?

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May 4, 2017

#"Ionization energies"# increase a Period (from left to right as we face the Table)...........


But decrease down a Group. We have antimony, and bismuth, Group 15 elements, and thus we would expect, #"a priori"#, that the second and third ionization energies of 5th Period antimony SHOULD be greater than those of 6th Period bismuth.........

But a scientist interrogates data. And we have no data.....

This graph gives the first ionization energy; it also gives the definition, where both reactant and oxidized product are in the gaseous phase:

#M(g) + Delta rarr M(g)^+ +e^(-)#

You are going to have dig for successive ionization energies in order to illustrate your argument. So find the data first!