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May 5, 2017



If we were to rewrite #5y=2x# in terms of #y=mx+b# the the equation of the line would be #y=2/5x# with a #y#-intercept at the origin. The graph of this function looks like this:
graph{2/5x [-10, 10, -5, 5]}

This function is linear because - well it looks like a line but it also has a degree of #1#. In other words, it doesn't have any exponents so it's linear. If it were to have a degree of 2 or #x^2# then the function is what is called a quadratic which is a U-shaped (parabola) like graph.

There are of course many types of functions but here are perhaps the most important ones that you'll be working with as you progress in math.

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