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May 5, 2017

They protected them by concealing them.


Jews sometimes survived the holocaust when non-jews hosted them to prevent their being deported if they had been caught by the Nazis.

May 6, 2017

It varied enormously from country to country.


Denmark was the only country which made a concerted attempt to save their Jewish population and help them escape to Sweden.

In many countries there were individual acts of bravery hiding and protecting Jews. However the authorities in most countries actively collaborated with the Germans in the deportation of Jews. In France the Vichy government used Drancy in the suburbs of Paris as a terminal for deportation of thousands of Jews.

The family of Anne Frank was betrayed by someone high up in the Dutch civil service, the identity of whom is still not known.

In the Baltic states the Germans were welcomed as liberators from the Soviets and local police and militia actively participated in the slaughter of thousands of Jews. The same was true in the Ukraine and indeed many of the camp guards were Ukrainian.

Deportations even took place from the Channel Islands.