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May 17, 2017

Use an outline or structure.


I recommend using this simple format:

P - Point
E - Explanation
E - Evidence
L - Link

All the best!

May 18, 2017

The points that I made are the ones that I had in mind.


  • Make sure your essay is at least 5 paragraphs long

  • Instead of using really small and plain words, try others words. For example, instead of big, use immense.

  • Make sure that your grammar and spelling are perfect. Tip: If you are doing the essay on a device, try using Grammarly

  • Make sure your sentences flow. Avoid sentences like, I saw a dog.

  • Be very descriptive!

  • Make sure the reader understands your purpose

  • Make sure that the beginning of the essay is catchy.

  • Never make it boring! Even if the subject is, lift up the spirits, yo!

  • Write a first draft aka rough draft. Then edit and revise with a different color pen, pencil, marker etc. Hey it's totally OK if your page looks really messy! First drafts don't have to be perfect! Then write or type it all again, this time, it needs to look presentable because this is your final draft!

And I recommend taking a look at this post! Seriously, it may be life-changing! (it will help you a lot on your essays or even your schoolwork!)

I hope this helps!