Where is the solar system could life exist other than on Earth?

1 Answer

Possible locations include Mars, the icy moons of Jupiter - Europa and Ganymede, and the moons of Saturn - Enceladus and Titan.


Mars with its location from the Sun and the evidence of liquid water once flowing on its surface is a possible candidate for the existence of ancient microbial life.

Europa and Ganymede are supposed to have massive sub-surface liquid water oceans. These oceans can be a possible location to find life.

Enceladus also has a sub-surface ocean of liquid water with a frozen surface. It also has gas geysers that spew out carbon dioxide and ammonia into space.

Titan with its alien environment (oceans and rivers of liquid methane) is a candidate to find life unlike what we have here on Earth.
It has a very thick atmosphere and a functioning liquid cycle of methane.