How do you draw this cyclic pentane? 4-ethyl-2-isopropyl-1-methylcyclopentane

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Maxwell Share
Jul 6, 2017


See below


Let's break this down a bit.

First, your job is to identify the parent chain, which is the longest carbon chain.

That's easy as the last part of the structure's name gives it away: #"cyclopentane"#. Pentane means it's a 5 carbon alkane and the prefix cyclo- means the parent chain is cyclic. It looks like this without any alkyl chains attached to it.

Next, you have to identify the substituents. Well, knowing that cyclopentane is the parent chain, whatever else that we have left are treated as the substituents. Let's write them down.

  • #color(orange)"4-ethyl"#
  • #color(blue)"2-isopropyl"#
  • #color(magenta)"1-methyl"#

If we take our cyclopentane and first number all the carbons,


we can then, starting in numerical order, attach the substituents one-by-one.


#ul"Adding Substituents"#

Looking at #color(magenta)"1-methyl"#, we can see we have a methyl group attached at carbon number #1#. Placing it at the appropriate position, we get the following structure:


Next, we take a look at #color(blue)"2-isopropyl"#. We have an isopropyl group attached at carbon number #2#. Placing this alkyl group at its appropriate position we get the following structure thus far:


Lastly, looking at #color(orange)"4-ethyl"#, we place an ethyl group at carbon number #4#. Doing so, our finished structure looks like this:

enter image source here

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