What type of agriculture is the most harmful to biodiversity?

1 Answer
Oct 9, 2017

Overfarming (or intense agriculture) and its effects


Biodiversity means "the number of kinds of organisms per unit of area or volume".

In intensive agriculture (monoculture), you try to eradicate everything with the exception of one plant (such as wheat). Therefore, you have only one species and do not allow pests, herbs, rodents, insects, etc. to live within your area. You apply lots of biocides (e.g. chemical insecticides, herbicides, rodendicides, etc.) in order to get the hşghest possible harvest.

Therefore, you have no biodiversity over there. You apply fertilizers, you irrigate your field, you eradicate other creatures.

This is why intensive (industrialized) monoculture is the worst in terms of biodiversity.