In the past, why did humans settle near rivers and not near mountains and deserts?

1 Answer
Jun 18, 2017

Each type of land form is accompanied with a certain type of climate and other features .


We humans have always preferred to live near water sources and places near they could practice farming or animal rearing . They found places of moderate climate the best place to survive.

Thus the best places were either near seas or rivers. there was usually large plains or basins of river accompanying them . since then the most preferred places have been plains . as farms and industries expanded, it became a economically strategic area.

As for nature it is best place for largest of large animals, and trees.

Mountainous areas are not so densely populated but these days, they are capturing attention due to rise tourism .It is usually an mega diverse area with abundance of small mammals, reptiles and various birds .

Desert areas are mostly deserted (intentional pun) due to lack of water and vegetation . Thus they are least dense populated. very few animals are found here despite traces of insects and reptiles