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Aug 31, 2017

All of these have multiple isotopes.


Calcium has
- Calcium 48
- Calcium 42

Zinc has
- Zinc 64
- Zinc 66

Sodium has
- Sodium 24
- Sodium 23 (stable most commonly occurring)

Magnesium has
- Magnesium 24
- Magnesium 25

Magnesium has the least number of isotopes so if an answer had to be chosen it would be magnesium.

Aug 31, 2017

Na (sodium).


I did some research on the Internet and here's what I found:

(Note: these are STABLE ISOTOPES)
Mg has 3 isotopes, Mg-24, Mg-25 and Mg-26.

Zn has 5 isotopes, Zn-64, Zn-66, Zn-67, Zn-68 and Zn-70.

Na has a single stable isotope (i.e. Na-23).

Ca has 6 stable isotopes, Ca-40, Ca-42, Ca-43, Ca-44, Ca-46 and Ca-48.

So from this, Na does not have any other stable isotopes.